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Entry Changes When Visiting Romulus

To help improve safety & security while keeping our school environment warm and welcoming to those who need us every day. The student traffic flow is in effect now as far as parking and entry in the AM or re-entry after school. 

All Students will enter through the South End- either Gym Lobby Doors or through the Main Office once school is in session.   All visitors to the district will utilize the South End parking lot and sign in at the Main Office.  There will no longer be access from the North Entrance.


Only when there is an event in the Auditorium, where the parents and community members are invited, will the North Entrance be used.   

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Welcome To Romulus Central School!

Mission: Holding the belief that all students can learn and the conviction that learning is the responsibility of each student, the Romulus Central School community will provide an educational environment to encourage achievement and scholarship.  Students will be encouraged and challenged to develop responsibility toward learning, and demonstrate skills which will enable them to become productive members of society. 

Vision: Romulus Central School is the distinctive small rural district, the center of a thriving community of learners, dedicated to empowering each student to be a thriving person of character and vision.  Our challenging and diversified programs link Romulus to the world of the 21st Century.

Motto: "Children first, learning always at the school with the BIG ideas!"

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